Help me sleep maa

It was a white white world,
When I first saw it.
Then found the truth of black spots,
Hidden all around it.

Ever since this has started,
Nothing’s getting better, just getting worse,
Is it my lot
Or just a life long curse.

I know I should not be thinking about haters maa
But now they seem like traitors maa.
With hate in their heart,
The shadow of a devil’s advocate they cast.

Why does it feel so bad to be hated maa,
To be left alone maa…
Why are these faces revolving around my head?
Why the inner part of me want them all dead?

They are hitting me with naked eyes.
They are punching me with their smiles.
Why don’t they kill me at once?!
Or I kill them before they are done with their chance!

Hate was not something I was made for.
They were all, for whom I cared for.
Why is everyone losing faith in me?
Is it their nature or the fault is mine?
I was so unaccustomed to this bitter wine.

Why did they suddenly start nettling me, maa?
I remember the first time I met them,
They were so generous and settling to me maa…
A good man was all that I ought to be,
Gracious people were all that I wanted to see.

They are turning their backs on me,
Laughing aloud at me.
Their laugh scares me maa.., But i know you care for me maa.

They are getting into my thoughts,
I fear someday I don’t get caught
Between all of them at the core,
Thinking that I could have fought.

Just keep them out of my sight maa,
I want at least something to get right maa.
Everything’s been going wrong for me,
Cornered by my owns is the worst, I see.

I really want each and every one of them out.
I really want to shout and just shout.
People with black hearts are around.
As if the devil is sending them free and the god is bound.

I see the same people whichever direction I run,
Can anyone fight for me with a positivity gun?

What is it that is not letting me sleep,
Help me maa…
I have my words to keep.
Please help me sleep maa.
Make me feel light.
Now C’mon pass me a hug,. and make sure its tight.



2 thoughts on “Help me sleep maa

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