Dad, please come back.


If i could write a story, It would be the greatest ever told. I’d write about my dad, For he had a heart of gold.

I’d write about the lessons, He taught me right from wrong. He instilled in me the values, That one day i’d be strong.

Today i go back to the time, The sun had gracefully shined. The day was enough bright, when he hugged us with delight.

And so through the years,  Like a hero he stood. Working to give, all that he could.

Then the day had come, all the things went suddenly wrong. We had to live without him, as he was forever gone.

His presence was important. And we loved to see him smile, For no one in the world, Could emulate his style.

He could say hold your head up high. Carry yourself with pride. Thanks to him, i am somebody, who will never run and hide.

Words can never thank you enough, for all of your love and tears. That has shaped me into who I am today, over these many years.

Today i see my mom, who could not even stand strong. I wish.. I wish..,I wish.. The day had not gone so wrong.

I see my sister. I remember the tears she dropped. She misses you even today, For you were the only man she ever loved.

I see my brother, the dreams he has. Now, i recall the last message you had. I don’t want the responsibility you gifted, Since I’m not capable as my faith totally shifted.

I wish i could come thereEven after a long run.

Or you could come hereFor i’m Vickey your dear son.

–Vickey Goyal


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