The remembrance…


Here I’m playing with the ring gifted by her. Touching it to every centimeter. Holding and admiring it to every single shine. Here, sitting in a new arena. Around new faces, new class, new session, new gossips, new excitement around. But old memories in my heart, paving a way to my brain and making me think over beautiful old moments. Breathing deep in the center of new characters placed around brings a strange feeling inside. ‘Odd’ actually. Feels as if a new chapter had begun with the same old words and incompletion of the turned pages with bookmarked chapters. May be some stories were written to be left incomplete. I’m sure this one will complete itself. As this new chapter ends, i’m sure the previous one will continue itself and lead to a better end. A beautiful end, I would say. The ring seems so admirable as it was never before. And so soothing as it will never be again. One more thing i’m sure of is…

Far away, she would be writing the same exact lines and playing with the scribbled rubber i gifted her as the remembrance…

 ✒Vickey Goyal


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