I’m a boy sitting on the last bench, scribbling carelessly on the desk, I’m in you with the potential to beat the best.

I’m that prevailing wind waiting to touch a beautiful face, I’m that Lil orphan kid still living with a life full of grace.

I’m that waiter empathizing with a poor man in the crowd of rich identities, I’m that old man still blessed with lots of capabilities.

 I’m that pen of today’s journalist which is fed with gold to write, I’m that medal on a soldier’s chest full of honor and pride.

I’m that drop of water left after a heavy. Rain trying to drop down from a flagpole, I’m that boy outside the stadium who can hit that goal.

I’m that anger in a common man fighting for justice, I’m that thought of doing something inside every artist.

I’m that helpless student studying engineering just to see my father happy and proud, I’m that carefree laughter engulfed by crabs forming a crowd.

I’m that beggar for whom every single day is a challenge to survive, I’m that student awake at 1:32am still trying to memorize.

I’m that terrorist who is ready to sacrifice his own life with motive to destroy that of others, I’m that well known golden bird day by day losing its feathers.

I’m that candle in the dark world spreading the light of education to poor Lil children, I’m that athlete afraid of losing even a single second.

I’m that telegram in a mother’s hand enthused over her son’s victory in the battlefield, I’m a peasant who deserves next year a better yield.

I’m that smile come to a farmer’s face after seeing the first cloud carrying moisture, I’m that rich man for whom losing billions is not a matter of torture.

I’m a man full of maudlin throwing stones splashing the surface of the water, I’m that part of a citizen wanting everyone to walk shoulder to shoulder.

I’m that promise made by a warrior to his family before going to war, I’m that injured man begging help from every passing by car.

I’m that Lil bud ready to become an adult flower with the arrival of spring, I’m that wife cursing the day i wore that ceremonial ring.

I’m that lady selling as many fishes as I can to feed my children, I’m that girl who is still known as the burden. 

I’m that lover who misses his love every time the wind passes by his door, I’m that loved one with millions of thoughts emerging from the same core.

I’m a boy sitting on the last bench, scribbling carelessly on the desk, I’m in you with potential to beat the best.

                                                                                                                                –Vickey Goyal

All rights reserved. Copyright: Vickey Goyal



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