Always count on you.

It doesn’t matter how much you try not to miss them anymore, how many times you stood with them, how much they meant to your lil heart, in what ways they sooth your soul, what qualities of them made you grab their attention on the very first meeting, how eager are your eyes to see […]

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Aao dosto le chalu tumhe, mai apne bachpan ke din, Andhera hi andhera tha, aur mai raha tha din mai taare gin.. Sab padh rahe the kahaniya aur kavitaayein, Jo mujhe na samajh aati, lagti fuzool ki hawaayein.. Iss tarha naam pad gaya mera ishaan, Haa wahi taare zameen par wala.. Jo na kabhi padh […]

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Help me sleep maa

It was a white white world, When I first saw it. Then found the truth of black spots, Hidden all around it. Ever since this has started, Nothing’s getting better, just getting worse, Is it my lot Or just a life long curse. I know I should not be thinking about haters maa But now […]

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Life before birth?

I have always been a dreamer. I dream each and every night of my life. Some good, some bad. Some bright while some dark. Really dark and mysterious. But from a last few years of my life, I have been the victim of very strange visions. Visions that I see at night. Visions that hit […]

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Men: the forgotten gender

Friends, whenever we talk about women being harassed, being raped, being discriminated, never do a voice raises and says, “Hey does it happen to men?”. Yes, it does happen to men too… Discrimination, harassment and yes, RAPES. No, I don’t oppose women empowerment, but I oppose the crimes against men in the name of women […]

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The good nightmare

Darkness flowed all around him, till the corners of the room. He woke up with a jerk from his nightmare. Breathing his lungs out, constantly deep and getting deeper with the silent ticking of the clock. Drank the rest of the glass placed behind a packet of sleeping pills. This was the ninth time he […]

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Dad, please come back.

If i could write a story, It would be the greatest ever told. I’d write about my dad, For he had a heart of gold. I’d write about the lessons, He taught me right from wrong. He instilled in me the values, That one day i’d be strong. Today i go back to the time, […]

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The remembrance…

Here I’m playing with the ring gifted by her. Touching it to every centimeter. Holding and admiring it to every single shine. Here, sitting in a new arena. Around new faces, new class, new session, new gossips, new excitement around. But old memories in my heart, paving a way to my brain and making me […]

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I’m a boy sitting on the last bench, scribbling carelessly on the desk, I’m in you with the potential to beat the best. I’m that prevailing wind waiting to touch a beautiful face, I’m that Lil orphan kid still living with a life full of grace. I’m that waiter empathizing with a poor man in […]

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